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If you’re in the market for affordable, high-quality digital learning solutions, learning support tools or adoption management tools, all delivered at top speed, we got it!

How do we create digital learning magic?

Digital transformation seems to be the latest buzzword in organisations across different industries, particularly when referring to the way employees are trained. Sadly, these organisations may not always have the necessary expertise or even the time to make a meaningful change… This is where we come in!

  • e-Learning – highly engaging and interactive online learning accessible from anywhere
  • Micro-learning – easy-to-digest, short bursts of learning for users on the go
  • Responsive learning – cost-effective web-based learning using Articulate Rise for a seamless transition from desktop to mobile learning
  • Game-based learning – learning combined with gaming elements or gamification for complete user engagement
  • System simulation training – cost-effective system demos or digital guides to aid software training
  • Off-the-shelf content – ready-to-go soft skills, leadership and Microsoft Office courses
  • Articulate Storyline 360 training – interactive and simulated e-learning programme from basic to intermediate level
  • PowerPoint presentations – brand-compliant presentations with customised graphic elements and diagrams
  • Illustrated and realistic videos – custom-designed illustrated videos, using vectors, or realistic videos using stock images and footage
  • Interactive PDFs and PPTs – easy-to-understand documents that effectively organise large amounts of information
  • Voice-over and audio – professionally recorded voice-overs for learning as well as backtrack music and audio file editing
  • Translations – content translated into a wide range of languages

Adoption management tools

  • Mailers – themed change management support mailers and mail templates
  • Digital banners and visual assets – media to create employee awareness and encourage change adoption
  • Videos – effective change management tools supported by visuals and audio
  • Infographics – summarised, visual representation of data and information

Qualified learning experts

Lightning-fast delivery times

Rigorous quality checks

Personalised and competitive cost structure

Creative learning solutions

We can go on and on about how awesome we are, but the point remains iOCO Learning Solutions really is your go-to digital learning transformation partner.

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