Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications

Enabling the modern enterprise

No business is exempt from disruption in the digital revolution. Everything is changing as we shift into an application-driven economy.

There is a pressing need for ERP systems to transition to become part of an open, highly-integrated digital ecosystem in the cloud to enable digital success.

True differentiation and competitiveness will be found in the quality of the ERP functionality extensions, combined with other best-of-breed applications, web services and edge technologies and the manner in which these are integrated.

We are technology-agnostic:

Which means we can provide the best technology solution because there are no limits to the technology we can choose from.

We can dev anything:

We can literally provision and develop any enterprise application functionality to pull together a new cloud-based ERP ecosystem.

Outcomes-based enterprise application solutions and services:

A strong focus on global Enterprise Resource Planning applications like SAP, Oracle, Infor and SysPro, means we can help organisations with:

  • Consolidation, transformation and optimisation of legacy ERP estates
  • Enhancement of ERP with upgrades to new functionality
  • Migration of ERP to cloud.

The result? A digital ecosystem with robustly-implemented cloud ERP (essentially software-as-a-service) that is cost effective, open, future fit and ready for anything.

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