The CFO must now deliver continuous value and agile strategy-setting, real-time risk assessment and mitigation, better informed and faster decisions, and hyper automation (any process that can be automated should be automated). *Gartner 2021

How can a CFO benefit from iOCO?

The pace of digital transformation is redefining the role of CFOs within organisations, requiring their involvement as proactive partners in accelerating digital business strategy, helping to drive revenue growth and reduce costs. New technologies are now at the core of the CFOs armoury, improving their ability to predict and shape the course of business and financial decision-making, while enabling the digital transformation of the finance function.

At iOCO, we have a wide range of enterprise-wide business and finance solutions, supported by advice and guidance to help CFOs and their teams leverage the advanced technologies and tools needed to drive cost transformation and revenue growth.

Business Operation Support

In tough economic times, business sustainability is driven by one primary lever-cost reduction. We can help you maximise the opportunities in transformative tech to enable cost reduction. Let our workflow automation tools help you channel resources to where it really counts.


Finance Operational Support

We help you transform your business support ecosystem and accelerate your digital initiatives. Our AI, automation and advanced planning and analytics tools will help reduce complexity and give you real-time insights to inform critical decision-making.


With the need to digitise their business areas at the forefront of their agenda, CFO’s are increasingly aware of the need to evaluate the technologies available to them from a finance perspective, ensuring that they are making the right decisions for the right benefit.

The iOCO Tech Savvy CFO is a bi-weekly series, providing advice and guidance to help CFO’s and their teams leverage technology to drive cost transformation and new revenue; create a business support ecosystem and transform the finance function in order to unlock value.

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